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For the past few days, I haven't been so active in updating my LJ since I was so busy with preparations for the Lantern Parade that I haven't had time to do other things...

So far, this year's Lantern Parade was fun, even though a lot of not-so-good things happened before like the damned administration's cancellation of the Lantern Parade due to bullshit security reasons (in other words, rallies and activists who might join the parade because of the opposition to the Tuition Fee increase (ToFI), the oppression of the Philippine Collegian and lots of other things like Charter Change, and the like). I came to FA last Friday at around noon just to hear from people about the disheartening news. Upon seeing the expressions on people's faces in the college, it really feels like a painful slap on the face... I even watched the video of the meeting taken by Kat B. wherein the college secretary told us that the Lantern Parade will still push through even though it would only be conducted on the FA grounds. It was somehow still a good consolation since our hard work won't be wasted, though it won't be the same as last year. Another meeting was also held at the locker's area where we students are asked if we'd still push through with it, and fortunately, we still are. Though in that meeting, the floats are given a choice as to whether we're also going to join the parade outside FA with the protests around the academic oval. Our class decided not to join since we decided to just have the celebration of the lantern parade for the holidays as we try to avoid having it attached with politics (as I've mentioned earlier, the ToFI issue, Kule and Cha-cha; upon deciding this, it is not to say that we are OK with ToFI, rather, we are against it, it's just that we don't want the parade to be used as propaganda - I sure hope no one's offended on this one). At around 4, all the floats were ready, and most of them went out and still paraded at the academic oval. Our float, which was the Taka or paper mache horse didn't join the parade at the academic oval and instead stayed at the college together with the sections who made kites and tops. There were still a lot of people who came at the FA to watch us and it was still a fun event. The kites flew around our taka, much to the delight of the audiences, together with the spinning tops. At around half past five, the floats who paraded around UP went back to FA and the crowd soon multiplied to witness the presentation. Lots of wonderful floats and lanterns brought joy and delight to everyone, and that's what made me felt so good since that the ultimate purpose of the parade. The program ended at around 8, with our taka as the finale.

All in all, it's still a fun parade and celebration, though at times I can't help but compare it with last year. Last year was much more fun, but this year also was fun and had a special flavor to it. At least in this year, we can always be proud to say that no one can ever stop us , now that we've proven that. And about the bullshit security reasons, well, according to my friends at the other floats who paraded at the acad oval, nothing bad happened anyway which brings us to the conclusion that the cancellation is just a ploy from the admin.

After the parade, Kat, Michael and I went with Tita Pat (Vica's mother) to have our yearly videoke overnight. It was a real fun night, even though Kevin, whom I consider the life of the party, already went home to her province, Surigao del Sur by boat with her friends. While waiting for Vica, we first watched Michael V: The Bubble G Anthology video and laughed at the hilarious spoof music videos shown in Bubble Gang in GMA 7. We had "Hindi Ako Bakla" several times and tried to copy the steps as we were planning to make an imitation video s a present for Nikki. We also watched the pirated DVD of Happy Feet, which by the way, has an incomplete ending which kept us hanging since it's the first time we've watched the movie. Vica came at around 10 to join us and have our videoke session where we sang most of the songs we also sang last year. After that, Kat, Michael and I practiced 'Hindi Ako Bakla' wherein they were the back-up dancers and I'm Michael V. It was very exhausting but we had a great time. Vica, who slept earlier since she had work already at 6, woke up at times, laughing as she saw us dance, and even took a video of our rehearsal. At around three, we decided to rest and shoot later in the morning. I slept at the sofa as Kat and Michael went to do the costume Kat was making (Futurama's Bender). At around past 4, Vica woke up and I transferred from the sofa to the futon and continued sleeping. Kat and Michael were still awake that time but slept a few minutes later I transferred (or so I believe because I'm already asleep again). Vica left earlier and we woke up at around 8 and 9 and had breakfast after fixing our things and the bedsheets. We had our chit chats with Tito Vince (Vica's father) and Tita Pat, and took our baths afterwards. At around 11, we had lunch where we ate a delicious meal of Chicken Lumpia, Laing and Adobo together with juicy chit chats about Vica, and some issues that revolve with Nidgel (who wasn't with us this year due to things only ashturil can explain. Anyway, at 2 pm, we finally had our shoot of the 'Hindi Ako Bakla' video, which we did quite fast. At around 3, we decided to leave already so Kat can pack and leave early to Imus. We weren't able to wait for Vica anymore, but I sure hope she understands. I'm just very thankful for the warmness they have given us during our stay. It sure makes us feel the desire of coming back again next year. Thanks Vica!!! :D

On other things, it breaks my heart to know that the administration has succeeded in the tuition fee hike. I got this article from ushuaia, who got it from www.inq7.net:

It's Official. DammitCollapse )
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04 December 2006 @ 10:09 pm
I woke up ths morning and never thought of what surprises the day has in store for me. I was supposed to wake up at 6:30 to get ready for my 8:30 class but I woke up at 7:30 when my second alarm rang. Great. So I decided to just be late for my class since my prof in Production Methods doesn't care if his students are late or absent. So I ate my breakfast really quickly when suddenly I hit my glass accidentally and spilled milk over my mock-up paper model of a cap. And that plate's due with the first class which I'm already late in. Great. So I was forced to go to SC before I go to my class to print the design on the paper I'm going to use to make another paper cap. As I leave home, I walk towards the usual spot where I wait for public transportation when again, for the fifth time since last week, I miss a half-full bus, which is the most favorable transportation of mine during those times. Great. So I then decided to just ride a cramped jeepney to Katipunan.

Well, these things aren't enough to call a day an unlucky one, but it really just gets into my nerves.

However, some good things that happened today were that I was able to pass the paper cap and other plates to my prof, had my costume fitting for my X Cosplay with Kerstie and Ivy earlier at the dressmakers, and having helped my class in our lantern parade preparation by doing them an errand and buy Greco adhesive.

So much for a day.
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28 November 2006 @ 08:18 pm
"[T]he administration must realize that the Collegian cannot be silenced... If anything, it has emerged fiercer than ever."
- Rebel Kulê editorial

I reposted this from http://www.philippinecollegian.net
Matapos kong mabasa ang isyu ng Rebel Collegian, mapapansin na talagang grabe na ang nagaganap sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, unti-unti nilang sinisira at binabawian ng kalayaan ang mga mag-aaral... ngunit magkaganoon man, hindi nila tayo masusupil.

Download the Rebel Kule in pdf here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43787340/
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16 November 2006 @ 07:57 pm
Yey! Today was a really great day now that I can finally announce the availability for download of the first issue of ART PAPER COLOR!!! Art Paper Color is a part of Art Paper, which is the official newsletter of the UP-College of Fine Arts Student Council. For weeks I've done the layout, everything has paid off since Paolo, our editor-in-chief approved of it and posted it on the website. You can download the pdf on this link:

ArtPaper COLOR
November 2006
short stories + interview + comics + photo gallery
DOWNLOAD --> http://www.geocities.com/artpaperonline

The ArtPaper BLOG --> http://cfasc.blogs.friendster.com

ArtPaper Photo Archive -- > http://www.flickr.com/photos/artpaperonline

Even if you're not an FA student, nor a UP student for that matter, you'll still enjoy Art Paper Color. Send your comments to the ArtPaper Blog or e-mail at artpaperonline@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot! :D
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31 October 2006 @ 11:47 am
Well, today I didn't do anything again... Nothing ever goes productive as planned during my vacation... I ended up watching the Charmed marathon the whole afternoon on Studio 23. My, I sure miss this show a lot, ever since I stopped watching it since I lost interest in it since one of its main characters, Prue (played by Shannen Doherty) died. She was then replaced by Paige (played by Rose McGowan) to complete the power of three with Phoebe and Piper. Well, Paige turned out quite well than I've expected and I regret ever missing episodes of this wonderful show. Now that I've started watching it again, I sure hope I could catch up. And with that, I sure do hope I can start doing my work already. There's the Art Paper, then the VIP Exhibit Booklet, a couple of books and videos I have to finish reading and watching, and finally organizing my files. Hay, kung puwede lang i-magic lahat.

Oh, Happy Halloween to you guys. I'm not much into Halloween stuff so wala lang...
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It's been a long while since I updated this journal and it feels as if I rose again from the dead... Timing sure is good as tomorrow's already halloween... But I don't really dig much on that halloween stuff so I don't care...

Anyway, it's good to be active online again, especially that our phone line and internet connection's back after it was accidentally cut off by PLDT, and it took weeks for them to put it back. Grrrr... SO what happened to me for the past few days aren't really that exciting, especially having a really bad case of LBM right after coming home from my friend Erica's swimming party last Thursday. Friday was when I started to feel pains from my stomach, much like having something explode inside it. When I let it out at the toilet, that's when I knew it was LBM because of the diarrhea-ish shit. I felt really bad the whole night, having to wake up in the middle of the night to shit. Eating even seems like a chore and it feels like everything I eat makes me vomit. Saturday was a bit better, since the trips to the toilet aren't that frequent then and the shit starts to get thicker. Sunday I felt a bit better, but still lazy to do work because I still have it even though I drank lots and lot of Coke and ate couples of bananas to make the load solidify. Today, I still have it, but I don't feel much worse anymore. Hopefully soon I get over this so I could go back to the usual routine I have planned for the whole break. Now that's real shit.

As for other matters, I couldn't access the CRS website (crs.upd.edu.ph - it's an online registration site for UP students) lately, probably because of processing stuff they have to do. I sure hope they get fixed sooner so I'd know what subject I got for the next semester because I don't want to go prerogging again.

Well, that's it for now, until then, I hope I'd feel better.
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18 October 2006 @ 11:11 am
Whether you're an anime afficionado or not, you're gonna love this series! a wonderful masterpiece by Sho-u Tajima and Takeshi Obata, Deathnote has now come to life in the world of animation... Here's the link for the first episode (part one):

As for the other parts, just search it on Youtube. :D Hope you guys enjoy it!
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02 October 2006 @ 09:45 pm
Today, I finally finish my plate for Photography. I did the first two photos on Emphasis and Double Exposure last last week, and now I'm done with the last two on Stop Motion and Movement. Now what I have to do still are those on Design Workshop where we're now in Photoshop exercises in photo restoration, manipulation and illumination, plus doing animated GIFs... and together with that, our progress report in Production Methods for our final plate portfolio... So much work to do, but at least I have lots of time to do it this week.

The rain came pouring hard tonight and I find it quite a blessing since it won't be hot when I sleep. The thing is, it's a sign of another impending apocalypse, um I mean, a storm, according to the weather report. I sure miss the sunny days... now that this time of the year would mean shorter days and longer nights.

I was anticipating the maiden episode of GMA's underwater telefantasya 'Atlantika' when I saw the last episode of Majika replayed again. Ah, they sure can't get enough of the cheesy ending. It clearly looks rushed and too abrupt. What's weird too is the scene when Juno is already sucked by her black hole and Sabina tells Argo that Juno still has a chance to change. Suddenly, the black hole appeared aain with an angry Juno wanting to bring Argo with her. And here starts the fun when Sabina, who didn't want to fight her and instead wants to change her, attacks Juno to death. Very ironic. And what's sad for Angel Locsin-Dennis Trillo love team fans is that Sabina and Argo do not kiss. They just stare at each other and that's that. Sumingit pa kasi si Oyo Boy eh.

Anyway, enough of this telefantasya chatter. I still have class tomorrow and I have to sleep early...
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30 September 2006 @ 02:05 am
I wish I were sleeping already... But I just finished doing some drawings on my desk and then I guess I'll sleep already. At these times, I think I'm still as good as myself when I'm in my day mode, but then I realize it gets a lot worse.

The storm a few days ago was quite a blast, the last time I remembered having experienced having that kind of calamity was a couple of years ago in 1996 when typhoon Rosing hit Metro Manila. I enjoy the storm, watching the mighty winds shower the earth with mists of rainwater... but I really don't enjoy watching lampposts and trees fall down like dominoes. Memories just came back when I heard the sound of my neighbor's roofs clapping against walls and posts of their houses. I was not scared before, and I was not scared then. But I'm scared of what happens after. I was fortunately not affected with much damage from the storm but I just hope that those who get affected by the storm would be able to recover soon. That's just what I want to say right now.

This is something that just thought of during the storm: It's quite weird that the storm's local name is Milenyo. When you say it as Bagyong Milenyo, it sounds like Bagong Milenyo. Do they mean that the new millenium is a storm? This could be positive or otherwise...
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18 September 2006 @ 07:21 pm
Heto ako ngayon, nag-iisa
Naglalakbay sa gitna ng dilim
Lagi na lang akong nadarapa
Ngunit heto, bumabangon pa rin

Heto ako, basang-basa sa ulan
Walang masisilungan, walang malalapitan
Sana'y may luha pa, akong mailuluha
At ng mabawasan ang aking kalungkutan

Dumi at putik sa aking katawan
Ihip ng hangin at katahimikan
Bawat patak ng ulan at ang lamig
Waring nag-uutos, upang maglaho ang pag-ibig.


In case you didn't know where this came from, come on, you know you sing this once in a while. Release your inner 'jologs' on this one because I did. I just thought of posting this as a way to record what happened today with my shoes, my pants, my bag and my precious VC 20 Major subject - Typography plate. Shit.

(Hay naku, di nalang aminin, wala lang talagang masulat si Daniel sa blog niya ngayon. Basang basa pa utak niya.)
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