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02 December 2009 @ 10:30 am
For always trying to make things to go my way, along comes disappointment when it doesn't happen. It just sucks when you don't have the drive anymore to do your best because you already know what happens or you know that it won't happen anyway. Being less of a perfectionist can be a quick remedy for this, but it's a long process to make one's self stop sulking and wallowing in self-pity and regret.

It's a new day and everything seems to be fine. I shall let all the past die slowly as the sun rising at dawn. I will focus on the good and only that, but still be slightly aware of the bad just to keep my feet on the ground. But rising up to the clouds is something that I wouldn't stop, as long as I know it is right for me.
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24 February 2009 @ 06:45 pm
We always try so hard to reach for the stars
But who cares when you do get to reach them?
I've been trying all these years to comfort myself
With constant brooding and thoughts of self-pity
"I want to have these, I want to experience these"
"I want to live like this, I want to be like this way"
It's all like that, whispering from my mouth

But then will I only end up being like this?
A shadow for other to trample on?
A dead leaf on the asphalt ignored till it becomes dust?

Maybe it's not yet my time to have those things
Or it could've been now, but fate has it postponed
How will I get past these claustrophobic thoughts?

Maybe it's time to stop letting those things get to me
I have to stop being envious of other people's world
I have to create my world myself, even if in pain
With stars that won't be so hard to reach
Because the stars that shine there
Will only shine for me.
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05 December 2007 @ 01:42 pm
Yuck, ginamit ko pa ang title ng kanta ni Britney para dito...
If not for Kerstie's reminder, I wouldn't have updated my already-in-comatose journal... :D

Anyway, I've been a very good slave lately...

Slave for food
I sure eat a lot the past few days, and I even told myself to control my weight...

Slave for TV
My goodness, I sit like hours and hours watching senseless programming instead of doing something productive...

Slave for sleep
Well, who isn't, with this cold weather, who could resist the temptation to take naps... But I sure hate it when I oversleep, end up doing nothing AT ALL...

Slave for laziness
Yes, I did its bidding for a few weeks already... Seems like I still had those sem break hangovers...

Being a slave for all these means being a full-fledged procrastinator...

Has anybody have a cure for this? I want to snap out of my eat-tv-sleep routine!!!
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13 August 2007 @ 09:47 am
Just posting here to tell you guys I'm still pretty much alive... I got so caught up with Multiply and Friendster that I forgot LJ already... I shall be posting some new entries soon! :D
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25 May 2007 @ 11:56 am
Ah, after being so inactive with my blog for months, here I go again! So many things have happened these past few months that I haven’t had the proper time to write them down and post it then. Well, here’s a recap of some noteworthy events for me…

I enrolled for summer classes this year so I’d be able to finish my PE courses before next semester (I’d be third year by then). As always, the registration blues are there again at my college (Fine Arts) and we have to wait so long just to have our Form 5As. What’s funny then is that they have a list of names where my classmates and I woke up and came so early at FA just in time to get our numbers early to avoid the long wait. I arrived at about 7am then and my friend Sheena already wrote down my name at around nos. 5-10 I think. We waited until 8am where the registration supposed to have started, but a usual, it started late at 9am and the admin telling us that they scrapped the list and have form a new line at the admin to distribute the Form 5As immediately. It was both good and bad news for us… bad since we went so early to sign at the list but good since they gave out the forms right away. As for what successful result came out from the CRS (Computerized Registration Service) pre-enlistment, out of about 3 subjects I tried so hard to enlist (Ultimate Frisbee [PE], Social Dance [PE] and Math 2 [MST]), I only got 1 (Ultimate Frisbee). Ever since 2nd year, the CRS has always giving me headaches for not getting the subjects I need… Which results to always going for the prerog option (teacher’s prerogative) - begging profs for mercy to accept me in their class. Even though there’s an option to manually enlist on a subject, the CRS system was down then and I don’t want to wait so loooooooong again. So the first day of classes came and I was pretty much determined to get prerogs… though unfortunately that day, all my efforts were wasted especially for GEs… so again, I waited the next day and decided to just get a PE which I terribly need. I went to my friend Vica’s Social Dance class at 10am (where I was supposed to have been accepted) and waited until the professor came…

So the professor (Prof. Mynette Aguilar) came 30 minutes later and I desperately approached the prof immediately to accept me in her class. The prof told me, together with other “preroggers” to ask our other soon-to-be classmates what to do… and they told us to dance so we would be accepted in class. Surely that would be quite embarrassing, especially for me who isn’t that good with dancing, but I bravely and terribly desperately accepted the challenge. Together with my friend JJ who also wanted to take the class, danced swing in front of the class and since we’re both male, the whole class were amused and sang while we danced We really felt embarrassed then but decided to sacrifice for the sake of being accepted in class. That’s how desperate we’ve become. :) Now that we’ve been accepted already, I’m already able to complete my PEs this summer. Though I was supposed to take another GE subject, I decided to just take it next semester.

So far, our social dance class has been quite fun and a truly learning experience for me since I was able to learn a couple of dances such as the Waltz (which I really had quite a hard time learning but enjoyed it with my partner, MC), Cha-cha (which I enjoyed a lot with my partner, Grace since we got along quite well), Tango (which my partner Tina quite had a hard time perfecting it, especially ending up laughing a lot until our friend Felipe helped us and we had fun in the end), Boogie (which I’m terribly bad at and even messed up me and my partner Salve’s actual performance, especially giving my practice partner Vica lots of headaches, but with the help of our friend Lei, I was able to catch up), and finally, Swing (which I truly truly had loads of fun pulling my partner around… Hehehe. Thanks to Mira and Rain, I have learned to love this dance!). At first I was having apprehensions towards dancing but I was glad to be able to overcome all of that with the help of my dear friend Vica (who pulled me into this PE, patient, understanding and just really good in dancing!) and Victor, who was really patient repeating lots of steps for me. I also got to know really good friends such as Lei (the one who helped me Boogie well), Vanna and Roan (both of which I have fun talking to), Wilfred (the one who takes lots and lots of pictures then), J3 and C3 (I see them somewhat like the class clowns), Natalia, Grace, Felipe, and Tina (I feel comfortable in their company and really good dancers), Raymund (who’s my high school friend, I really admire his dancing well), Ervie (Raymund’s friend who’s also a good dancer, MC (my cool Waltz patner), Salve (my patient Boogie parter), Mira (my Swing partner that we enjoy the dance so much we get carried away lots of times) and Rain (my second Swing partner who’s quite a fast learner and a really good partner). After all the hard work and exams for this PE, it ended with a culminating activity party at Kublai’s in Katipunan where we had lots of fun dancing all night (and surely, munching on eat-all-you-can bowls and bowls of Mongolian Rice with toppings of our choice with really bottomless Iced Tea – I had about 10 glasses…). The other section was also there too, so it was a total interacting experience (my FA Section Y classmated Reg and Brent were there too! Really good dancers!). I must say this is one of the most memorable PEs I had since we had lots of interaction and bonding moments.

As for JJ, he dropped out of the class a few meetings after since he had one extra PE which he can choose to drop and decided on this one because he didn’t like the male-female pairing (well, he’s gay so what can we do about it) and aside from that funny reason, he gets totally tired from his 8.30-10 Camping PE and he wanted to have some vacant time to rest before our next PE class at 1pm – Ultimate Frisbee.

At Ultimate Frisbee, I’ve just realized that no one must ever underestimate this kind of sport. Before I just thought of this sport as easy as child’s play since you just have to throw a disc and have someone catch it. But I was just damn wrong! There’s always a certain science one must really know to be really good and precise at throwing the disc and playing it well. However, Ultimate Frisbee, or just Ultimate (since Frisbee is a brand name of a disc) isn’t as complicated as other sports though because what is valued here is the sport’s Spirit of the Game which encourages fair and fun play, not too serious and not too competition-driven. I guess that’s what I loved so much about this sport even though I’m not much of a sporty person. With my classmates in FA, Erica and JJ, together with our friend since the first day – Dimple, we really had so much fun playing the game. Our professor, Prof. Aouix Santos, was quite a patient one on teaching us the basics and principles of Ultimate. He’s fun prof I must say, cracking jokes most of the time and also sharing us “wisdom” through quotes and poetry readings before a game (since he’s a former Philosophy teacher and loves reading a lot). And as for our final written exam, he gave our True or False questions which all the answers are True; fortunately I just had 4 False answers... I guess this is one PE worth recommending because I must say, no one will ever regret nor forget the experiences and lessons gained in this PE. I guess the only things we didn’t like in this PE is being scorced for hours under the sun on the Sunken Garden while playing and sweating profusely. :)

This summer has been extremely fun for me because aside from just fulfilling my academic requirements, I gained new lessons, friends and experiences. I even had a summer that was quite fun and productive!

So until this coming 1st semester… Kitakits!

End notes…

As for CRS, naku, sana naman makuha lahat ng kailangan kong subjects. Diyos ko, ayaw ko na talaga noon kagaya ng mga nakaraang registrations!!! AT AYAW KO NA NG PREROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
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Attending the UP Fair Concert this year was a first for me since I wasn’t able to go last year when I was still in freshman year because we had lots of plates and requirements to do for our FA majors and GE subjects. I was envious of some of my classmates who were able to go back then, so I swore I’m going to attend this year’s event at least once. I was excited. Especially that the day I’m attending would be having some of the bands that I like very much so I had Friday scheduled for that, which also would be the day when my friends would be going too.

At around past 6 PM, we arrived at the Sunken Garden, as expected, with hundreds of people, whether it is inside or outside the barricades. All sorts of people were there, obviously, coming from all walks of life and all ages, though the majority would be about those of teenagers and those in their 20s. As for the kinds of people there, well, a friend of mine couldn’t resist observing, scrutinizing and criticizing those, in my friend’s honest opinion, with really bad fashion sense. Taste is somehow relative, but it’s obvious from anyone who has it to know what’s good or not. Basically, the ones I’ve been referring to are those people who wear punk/gothic rock attire that make up about a rough estimate of 70% of the crowd. We don’t mean to be mean, judgmental or anything, nor are we experts in fashion, but it’s really surprising to see the increasing lot of these people, who most if not all, come from class C-D-E communities (i.e. urban poor/squatter communities like those nearby UP such as Baranggay Balara, Quezon City, Brgy Tumana, Marikina, Montalban and San Mateo, Rizal). As best as I could remember, such kind of fashion started becoming a trend to them recently when current foreign punk/goth rock bands and singers set the trend and lifestyle of punk/goth like Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance and the like that they now try to imitate. I’ve seen some people wear the kind of attire they wear such as all black outfits and black shirts with a band’s name or logo on it, excessive eyeliner and black make up, 80’s inspired hairstyles, black polished nails, neckties, spike metal accessories, outrageous body piercing, tattoos, etc. but I guess in my opinion, some of them have the “right” to wear them because it suits them, unlike the ones we saw that were just miserable. A description by my brother in his blog (xananaventura.blogspot.com) is placed below in detail:


JJIB (jumping jologs in black)
Expired mascara (smells like sour milk, super clumpy so the lashes look waaaay thicker. So think that you can’t see their eye sockets anymore. Or maybe their corneas got smudged by the mascara. Which, according to them is the trend of the season)
Eyeliner that doubles as brow pencil and lip color cause they can’t afford the latter two
Marker pen nails (Pilots are too expensive; they use the made in china ones that sell for 5 pesos for a pack of 3 instead) topped with Ever Bilena/Careline colorless polish (P20 only for a group of 75,000 who will share in it)
The scent of someone who hasn’t taken a bath in 30,000 days – it’s the new Davidoff Cool Water for the Payatas/Montalban contingent, so deal with it. Your Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue scent is sooo out.
And oh, don’t forget fucking ukay fashon. As in, unapologetic baston pants in tablecloth plaid, black good charlotte shirts. All those clothes tyhey got from ukay 3 hours ago, with no concept of prewashing. And oh, if those bitches get a little “creative”, they’ll do a trenchcoat. Take note, LEATHER. In a 35 C temperature UP fair. Of course, who can’t forget the 65 year old fake Chuck Tailors and the 3 for 20 socks in striped colors galore. And, accessorized with the obligatory artsyfartsy bracelet they made out of stolen safety pins. Or hairclips turned pendants.

With hair done with the Michael wet look super hard hold gel (take note, one P3 sachet is shared among 75,000 guys. No kidding.) And of course, the hair color? Di sila pahuhuli sa uso. Bigen’s too expensive daw. Food color na lang.

The hairstyle? It’s the bi-level cut that was soo in 25,000 years ago. Of course the hair shouldn’t have been washed in over a week, so the gel sticks. Together with smog, the smoke of doobie, dandruff, the obligatory kuto, lisa and garapata, and the 3-day old sweat of their moshpit mates.

And their demeanor? They go in packs of 65,800, let’s just put it at that. And the manners? Hihimatayin si Peggy Post, the etiquette queen.

How were they able to afford the scandalously expensive tickets? They didn’t. They either jumped through the tin fence, or dug an underground passageway that starts from the beta epsilon lot to right smack in the middle of the moshpit. They’ll soil their clothes, but hey, that’s the point. You have to give it to them for the effort.

How about the more “highbrow” kurimaws? Easy. They didn’t eat for a week to afford the ticket. Since Hilary Duff’s now the (ex) girlfriend of Good Charlotte’s frontman, anorexia among punks is now soo en vogue. I. Must. Not. Eat.

It’s easy to spot a member of this oh-so-exclusive contingent. Look at the bag. It’s pinned to the brim with backstage pass Ids they either dug out of the trash after a major gig or stole from a production assistant they mugged after a big band event, or maybe stolen from a bouncer who denied them entry. And take note, in the kurimaw world, the more STOLEN backstage passes you have pinned in your pakshet JonSport, Van, Fony (Let’s get it on!) or Esel (the opposite of Asolina and Nleaded) bag, the more you are high up there in the (garbage) ladder.

For all you curious earthlings: why black? Easy. Black makes you look cleaner. Imagine if they all wore white. My goodness, mother of pearl could be the new white. And if you go in hordes of all black, you’d be very discreet and nondescript. So discreet, no one could ever differentiate among the kurimaw, the tigre-sized daga running around, cow poo, and the giant flying ipis in the field.

And phones? What phones? Communication is a complicated system of fuck you signs for anger, another fuck you sign for love, one more fuck you sign for intense enjoyment, and the very unique fuck you sign for agreeting. And if you ask them what contingent they belong to, they’ll look at you scandalously, either give you the east coast or the west coast sign, or pull up their feet and give you a fuck you sign like in the Fony (Let’s get it on!) print ad while wildly declarins “Fank’s nat ded chong! Pakshet raaaak ooooon!!!!!!” (take note of the scandalously multiple exclamation points)


Just like before when the fad was still hip-hop, and those who can’t afford to be like their American counterparts have devised their own style, which was considered jologs with those oversized shirts, below the knee baggy shorts and rubber/plastic slippers. Not to mention, a little “bling-bling” jewelry/accessories would do, regardless if it were real or fake. Realizing it, it was hip-hop they’re trying to imitate; now it’s punk/goth rock that’s becoming the new jologs. I’m not against punk/goth fashion; it’s just the ones who are doing it. It’s true when they say that we Filipinos tend to overdo things (however, this is a generalization), and imitation in every sense of the word (has somehow been a part of our culture nowadays). Well, for us it’s their business anyway, but we can’t seem to avoid getting irritated. Adding to that is the kind of behavior these people show during the concert, being very unruly, noisy and quite rude. Taste, good breeding and manners don’t have to be only done by those in the middle to upper class societies; it just depends on the person.

Well, playing fashion and etiquette police in this place didn’t stop us from going in. That’s what to expect in places like this. We didn’t have tickets yet so we’ve decided to buy right on the spot which meant that we’d line up with the hundreds of people lining up to go in. Some bands have already started playing, and we just listened as we wait. After a long wait, we were finally able to get in. Like in any fair, there are lots of booths and stalls, which sell food and other merchandise, rides and amusement games. We decided to check out the food first, ate and watched the concert. It was somehow an enjoying experience to watch the concert, even from afar because we get to avoid the occasional moshpit riot by the kurimaw crowd, shouting and flashing banners whenever a good song comes up. We also occasionally went around the whole fair area to check out other stuff and we literally have to swim through hordes and hordes of people. It’s very crowded and people are just unorganized and inconsiderate sometimes that you get your new shoes “baptized” over and over again. I would not recommend people with claustrophobia to get into these places. It’s worse than a rally.

At about 9 PM, we decided to go out and just watch the concert from outside by just listening to the music as the crowd gets thicker and thicker, and the kurimaws get worse by the second, we see the line to the ticket booth unchanged since we went in. People are still trying to get in amid the humid and jam-packed concert area. There were much worse kurimaws outside, running around, shouting, throwing things around, hitting people as they pass by, and other really annoying things. So far as for the concert, we chanced upon listening to really good bands (though we forgot their names unfortunately) in the genre of pop, reggae and rock, though still none of those of our favorite and much established bands. A friend of mine told me that usually, the good bands come around at 12 AM and play until the break of dawn, literally at 4 or 6 AM. Since I had to go home at 12 AM, I just enjoyed the remaining time with my friends, listened to the bands as much I could, took pictures around, talked about gossip and stuff, played fashion and etiquette police again until some of us went home already. Those that were left decided to stay until morning, some at the sunken garden, some at FA where there’s also a concert being held for FA Week with FA bands and videoke matches all until the break of dawn (I wish I went there instead, at least the crowd was majority FA people). As I bid goodbye to my friends and ride a taxi home, I question myself if my 85-peso ticket to the concert was worth it. Maybe it would be if I had watched my favorite bands and if there were lesser kurimaws. This reaction paper for a live musical event had turned into a fashion, etiquette and cultural review that weren’t really my intention at first. I don’t even know if this would pass for that category. I just couldn’t resist recounting my experiences a few days ago. You can call me a mean judgmental hypercritical elitist with this but that’s what I really feel. So if someone invites me to the UP Fair again next year, maybe I’d have second thoughts (though I might attend still!).

*This was submitted as a reaction paper for my Art Stud 2 Class for a live musical event.
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13 February 2007 @ 11:23 pm
If I Apologised
(Mirrormask End Title Song)
Written by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean
Performed by Josefine Cronholm

If I apologised
it wouldn't make it all unhappen
wouldn't make the darkness go away
If I apologised
it wouldn't mean I was forgiven
wouldn't mean you wanted me to stay

it's a dream
when you seem
to be walking into the sun
we're on first
and we still don't know what we've done
so we don't say anything.
If I Apologised
(Mirrormask End Title Song)
Written by Neil Gaiman & Dave Mc Kean
Performed by Josefine Cronholm

If I apologised
I don't suppose you'd even notice
even though I'd whisper it inside
If I apologised
we could be the perfect couple
Well we could, but only in my mind

if you ask
for the mask
then we're stumbling on through the dark
But we wait
it's too late
And we only had to be asked
so we don't say anything.

It couldn't hurt to try it
It couldn't hurt too much to try
It's there beyond the quiet
it couldn't hurt too much to fly...


Grabe, LLS na ako talaga matapos mapanood ang pelikulang Mirrormask. Hay, pasasalamatan ko talaga si Reg sa pagpapahiram sa akin ng DVD nun. Waaaaaaah!!!
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25 December 2006 @ 08:36 pm
So far, Christmas this year was quite happy, though I couldn't help but compare to the past Christmases we had which were more happy, especially during my childhood days when I'd really feel the season in every moment during November and December. Almost every house in the neighborhood would have lots of decorations and lights whereas nowadays you'd just see one or two or no lantern or lights. This year is OK, but it just feels like an ordinary day when you just eat a lot of food at midnight and open gifts later. And that's it. Add to that the gloomy weather for the past few days before Christmas (which, according to the weather report, are due to Siberian air passing down the Philippines). You know how I hate gloomy days and I don't like them so much because they make you feel like there's no hope in the world.

But then, as they say, Christmas is not about anything fancy but about the spirit of giving love and sharing it because Jesus Christ is born. I know that, but I can't help but find the way of celebrating it like I used to.

Anyway, the good things that happened yesterday was that my siblings and I were able to bond with our dear cousins Nica, Chesca and Leica with my Tito Lito and Tita Lyn as we had our second Christmas dinner with them this year (we had our own family Noche Buena earlier before we went there at about 1 am). Since two years ago, we've been coming to their house every Christmas to bond and celebrate the season. So far, of all the cousins I've had, they were the ones whom we've been so close with. Even if we've never seen each other for months or for a long period of time, there are no traces of indifference or any uncomfortable feeling when greeting, talking or being with them. We had the whole time talking about lots of things that have been happening in our lives, sharing stories with delicious pasta, ham, bread, strawberry wine and hot chocolate! After that, we had photo ops, or should my brother say, 'camwhorage'. Then after that, we played cards and the usual chit chat. The fun was cut short when we had to go home already at 3 am. I sure would look forward to another chance of being with my dear cousins.

About the Noche Buena we had much earlier, we went to church first then went back home to eat. As usual, there was mom's special pasta (which is now lasagna compared to last year's spigadoro (spiral pasta), with delicious pata tim and chicken teriyaki. There was also the delectable sweet glazed ham and sinful fruit salad. Surprisingly, I just ate small servings of each food when I felt full quickly. At around 12, we had our gifts open already and I'm really glad to have received a black Lumanog guitar! (Thanks Mom and Dad!) At least now, during my spare time, I'm now able to finally learn and practice playing the guitar at home (thanks to Kevin (who's so patient with me), Kat (for the guitar I used of course) and Michael, together with Nikki and Pierre (who taught me the intro for "Kiss Me" which is still the one piece I can only play) for teaching me some chords during the Lantern Parade preparation days. I'll do my best not to fail you!). Together with that, I also got a bracelet and necklace from Kuya Dano, and a globe and an organizer from my sister Daphne.

Christmas may not feel the same like the past years, but I'm so glad that we're still able to celebrate Christmas together. I hope this goes on every year, no matter what happens.

I sure hope you guys would also have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Thanks for always being there to read my entries. Cheers!
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24 December 2006 @ 08:48 pm
Together with the Meiji Chocolate, I also had this bought:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

After becoming so obsessed with the Meiji Fran ad, I decided to play with this and see if I can really test my intelligence...

First trial, no success. It took me about two hours with my sister but I was only able to do certain forms.

Today, well, I'm proud to say I've done them all! Now I've realized that I have a brain with brain cells in it. I can still remember my classmates way back in elementary bragging about how they can form these shapes. Haha. ;p

My brother is now planning to kill me because I've done it all and he hasn't. Bwahahahaha!!! >:D
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24 December 2006 @ 01:16 pm
Last night, I was eating a bar of delicious Meiji Milk Chocolate which my mom bought from the supermarket earlier when I decided to look for advertisments for it on Youtube. I saw a lot of good commercials, but here's one that me and my brother liked very much:

This ad was for Meiji Fran, chocolate biscuits covered with rich milk chocolate. The model is famous Japanese singer/actress Mika Nakashima of Nana fame. It has a lot of variants but this one was for Fran Noir and Fran Duo. I haven't tasted it yet since I haven't seen it sold here yet, but just by tasting other Meiji Chocolates, you'd know what Meiji tastes like.

With this, I'd gladly choose Meiji over Hershey's and Cadbury. (Though Cadbury is my all time favorite together with Curly Tops (siyempre, that's why I named this LJ curly tops). As for Hersheys, their chocolate sucks nowadays because once you take it out of the refrigerator, it's starts melting quickly and I don't like that. Whereas, Meiji has a richer chocolate flavor and stays molded unless exposed to high room temperature.)

Anyway, indulge in watching this commercial and Merry Christmas guys!

I just like to see her do that over and over! :) And she's so beautiful too! =)
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